Great Blessings

At the end of June Kim and I traveled to Serbia to work with Miroslav Fic who is based in Silbas, a small village in the north of the country. Part of our time was spent encouraging Miro and his family as they continue to encourage churches throughout Serbia. In addition to this we ministered in a number of churches throughout the northern region. Over the last few years Spearhead has carried out a number of tent missions with these churches which have proved to be very successful. We taught at a conference in Subotica on healing and looking into blessings and curses. This was attended by about a hundred and twenty people and the teaching was received enthusiastically. At the end we prayed for many people in response to Words of Knowledge and also for people who desired to receive the gift of healing. One evening we went to a new church plant on the Hungarian border where we were told to expect no more than thirty people to attend. We arrived to find over seventy people squeezed into the small hall of a converted factory all of whom had come to hear the Gospel. I was told just before I ministered that people would probably be reticent in responding to an altar call so not to be to disappointed if the response was poor at the appeal. So, having preached the Gospel I hesitantly invited people to stand if they would like to invite Jesus to be their friend and for Him to take control of their lives to which over thirty people responded. There then followed some confusion as the interpreter spoke to the people again. I later discovered that he did not believe the response was true and thought people had misunderstood his instructions. So having got everyone to sit down again he explained again the appeal. When he called people to respond a second time yet again thirty hungry people answered the call to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour to everyone’s joy and amazement! But that was just the beginning…… after a few Words of Knowledge nearly everyone in the room came forward for healing prompting us to form a prayer tunnel so that everyone was ministered to within a reasonable time scale. After we had finished ministering at the meeting we were called to go to a house in the village where we found a lady suffering from very high blood pressure (which had been one of the Words of Knowledge) and an ambulance had been summoned. The lady was in great pain and her blood pressure was through the roof. We prayed for her and as we were finishing the medics arrived so we left. As we were preparing to leave the village news came from the house that when the medics tested her blood pressure it had returned to normal and all the symptoms had disappeared. What a wonderful evening it was for the Lord and those who responded! The final Sunday of our visit we set out on a two hour journey across the border to Osijek, a university town in Croatia where we have worked alongside a local church for the past six years and have ministered at four tent missions in that time. The church is full of enthusiastic young and not so young believers. They had just moved into a new building having outgrown their last venue. Here the worship was loud and vibrant and it was great to be asked to minister to the church again. We plan to return to Serbia in November to follow up with the churches we are working with and to start to plan for missions in April of 2012. Please click on for more details of Miro’s work in Serbia.

by Tim Grant

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