Ukraine 2011

Mike Davies, Slava Nod and myself arrived in the Ukraine on a Friday afternoon in mid October and were picked up from the airport by the pastor of ‘The Church of God’s Glory’ in Kiev. Mike and Slava are both from ‘Church for the Nations’, a worldwide network of churches. We had been invited to minister at the Kiev church conference. On Saturday morning we travelled to a Bible school on the edge of Kiev where we were ministering to the key leaders and ministries from this church in Kiev. The theme of the conference was ‘apostolic ministry and discipleship’ and each of us taught a session. The next day we spent with the pastor and his family encouraging them and in the evening we ministered at the church meeting. The service ended with a great time of personal ministry with most of the church responding to words of knowledge and others receiving prayer for healing.

After dropping Mike at the airport for his return to England, Slava and I travelled for five hours in an old Lada car and only suffered one tyre blowing out at speed, praise God! The roads to the south of the Ukraine are not to good and very bumpy. We were to minister in ‘My House Church’ in Uznoukrainsk for three days. We spent a profitable time with the pastor and his family, with the church and many people received ministry. However we had to cut short our time with them by one day due to the lack of spaces on the overnight train from Kiev to the West of Ukraine where we were heading next. So Wednesday morning we made the return journey to Kiev and got the train for the next leg of our trip which involved an eighteen hour over night trip.

On arriving in Perechin Slava was inundated with calls from people wanting to meet with us and so we spent two days encouraging the saints and local pastors. We also taught four sessions for the students at the local Bible school in Uzhgorod. I spoke on effective evangelism and moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit while Slava interpreted. It was a great time with the students really enthusiastic for seeing God move in power through them. On Saturday evening Slava was ministering to the youth from the Perechin church. As they opened up their hearts, they started to fire lots of questions at him and were really hungry for more of God. Slava encouraged them to get hold of God and discover His plan for their lives which really fitted with how they were feeling.

Sunday morning we were back in Uzhgorod at the church ministering in their main service. The worship was lively and we really felt at home with these believers. I spoke on being men and women of a different spirit and we finished our time praying for the sick and for an impartation of the gift of healing. This culminated with Slava, the pastor and myself drunk in the Spirit, collapsed on the floor with laughter ~ it was truly a powerful time.

From there we travelled to Chop near the Hungarian border to minister at a church in the afternoon. This was a smaller church but with a real heart to see God move and again we finished by praying for the sick. We also prayed for a number of people whose businesses were having trouble.

Our last day was spent encouraging believers after which we started our twenty four hour return journey home by car, train, car, plane and finally car again. The Ukraine is an amazingly big country which has been plagued by corruption since the fall of Communism and the churches have been through real tough times but are still standing and seeking to move on with God and to enter in to all He has for them. Please pray for them.

by Tim Grant

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