Please pray for our friends in the Balkans

Although it has had very little coverage on the news in the UK there are very severe weather conditions in Eastern Europe.
I received an email from a friend in Bulgaria today asking for prayer but I understand these conditions are common at this time throughout the Eastern European nations that we are working in;
“It is very cold here, snowing everywhere, in some places the snow reached 3 meters. The whole Northern part of the country is blocked. 345 villages are blocked, without electricity and food supply.
There are people trapped in cars and busses under the snow for more than 12 hours.
In the Southern part of the country the rivers are overflowing. One of the rivers the water level has raised by 3 meters. Many houses are flooded and thousands of people have been evacuated.
The schools are closed for the week. There is no transport in almost the whole country.
In the South one of the reservoir dam walls has collapsed and destroyed a whole village in 10min – the village no longer exists. There are 8 dead people, many missing and hundreds without homes.

Today – 8 February has been called as a national day of mourning”.
Please pray for:
All families that have lost members – for peace and comfort.
That the missing ones are found alive.
That the trapped people do not freeze and are rescued.
For all that have lost their homes – for strength to continue their lives with hope.
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