Mighty Men’s Conference

Angus & Tim

I returned from Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire where at the end of May some 1700 men had come together for the Mighty Men’s Conference with Angus Buchan. It must have been about nine months ago when I was first approached by Ian Gray with a vision to host a men’s conference in the Nidderdale Agricultural Show Ground. My response to his request was, “We don’t normally do this sort of thing but I will pray about it”. Having done so I felt God said to me that it’s good to serve other people’s visions at times. So over the last few months I have traveled to meet with a small group of men from greatly differing backgrounds and jobs all of whom God had brought together to see the vision fulfilled. Over those months of planning we have grown together as friends and seen God do many great things.

Angus preaching

On the 21st May myself and a small Spearhead team from around the country traveled to Yorkshire to join with sixteen local guys to put up both of our tents; the 3000 seater and the 1500 seater. The larger would form the main meeting venue and the smaller provide cover for the catering and book stall etc. Over the next three days we saw God do many great things and the unity among the team that was on site to prepare for the weekend was phenomenal. Both tents went up without any problems and the lighting, staging and PA were installed efficiently.

On the Friday men started to arrive on site; some were camping while others were staying in local B&B’s. The sense of God’s presence was incredible. When we started to worship together that evening it was amazing to be one with such a large group of mostly Christian men giving God honour and praise. The worship could be heard in the villages around Pateley Bridge especially as with one accord we declared our “Amens!”

Both tents on site

Angus encouraged us over the weekend to take up our responsibilities as Christian men and to be ready to make a difference. At the end of the first evening Angus called men forward who did not have a relationship with the Lord to come and make a commitment and ten guys went forward.

The Spearhead Team

Over the weekend around thirty men came to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It was great to watch as fathers and sons, brothers and friends were united in faith. In addition to these eternal changes many others had their lives changed the testimonies of which are still coming in from all around Britain of all that God did throughout the weekend whether in the meetings or on the campsite or indeed over a meal in the refectory tent.

1700 men worshiping God

All too soon the the men were leaving again to return home, lives challenged to be the leaven that will bring about a change in their neighbourhoods, work places and families.What a privilege it was to be involved in this life transforming weekend. I have made friends that I feel sure will be life long and wonder for what further adventures of faith God might bring us together again in His Kingdom.

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