Yurting Weekend

What a weekend I had with the guys from KC21 Bordon in the Meon Valley!Arriving around 6.30pm on the Friday evening meant that once we had settled into our Yurts it was time to start cooking dinner for the group. Chile con Carne with rice followed by rhubarb and apple crumble with custard. While some set about the task of cooking the food the rest settled down to a friendly game of card Monopoly which continued after dinner until late when we returned to our yurts and roasted chestnuts and marshmallows on the log burners until one by one we retired to our beds for the night.

The next morning was a reasonably early start as we were booked in for fly fishing lessons. Breakfast was cooked by a different group of guys and everyone took their turn on doing cooking or washing up as necessary.We soon learned that fly fishing was not as easy as it might look as some caught everything but a fish; the bank was hooked as well as the power cables above our heads, some even caught themselves but eventually we got the hang of it and most of us hooked a fish even if we didn’t all land one! We all had a great time out in the fresh air of the countryside.Later in the afternoon some prepared the fish while others cooked them and we all sat down to a great meal.

That settled, half of us took the farmer up on his invitation to attend the milking of his four hundred cows while the others took a rest back in the yurts. Milking was a real eye opener and we all felt a little vulnerable with 30 to 40 cows just inches above our heads as we observed from the milking suite where the cows’ udders were at our eye level. Our feeling of vulnerability was soon justified as nature took its course and the by products of water and grass started raining down and I’m not talking about milk! This seemed to signal the end of our time in the milking parlour as we all concluded that it was time to take up the herdsman on his offer of seeing the newly born calves being fed. This was just amazing as it seems all newly born creatures are and all to soon our time at the dairy was at its end and we went back to the yurts to join the others who had been playing another game and resting.That evening we spent a relaxing time in one of the local pubs and enjoyed yet another meal together and enjoyed fellowship.

Another day over we returned to our yurts for a night cap and off to bed. The morning came and breakfast was of the full English variety and we sat together and fellowshipped and enjoyed our meal. The later start meant that we were not long finished before we found ourselves sitting together in the beautiful Meon Valley countryside marking Remembrance Sunday and reflecting with many others around the world those who have made great sacrifices that we might enjoy our freedom. This was spontaneously followed by a time of thanksgiving after which we ministered to each other and prayed for friends and family who were not with us.All too soon our time together was over and we were heading back home having enjoyed our time together and already planning to return in the early part of 2013.

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