Tent Evangelists Conference

imageEarlier this year while in Bulgaria I met a couple of tent evangelists from Eastern Europe;  Yauheni from Belarus and Sofi from Bulgaria . They are part of an organisation (TENT 100) who have a vision to have one hundred evangelists working across Eurasia using tents to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It was encouraging to meet them and hear of all they are doing. Up until this point I had felt like I was one of a very small group of people using tents to evangelise so finding out that there was an ever increasing group of like minded people was very encouraging!

imageI was invited to take part in their annual gathering in Moscow by Dr’s Kevin and Leslie McNulty from America who pioneered the Tent 100 vision and to meet with their planning group to strategise for the coming year. Being with so many people on the same wavelength was awesome and to hear them share how they are taking the Good News throughout Eurasia was challenging to say the least. We thought we had had to overcome a few problems traveling through Europe but our challenges paled into insignificance in comparison with the cost some of those in this group were paying. God is using us all to reach people who may never otherwise hear the Good News.

With new tents rolling of the factory floor in Moscow on a regular basis the number of tent evangelists is increasing.image Evangelistic events are planned for the next year and will take place from Spain to Mongolia with missions schools already planned for Belarus, Bulgaria and Estonia to train teams to work alongside the tents. What a privilege it was to spend time with this group and to be invited to work alongside them and to be offered the use of their tents where ever they have them in countries we are already working in. Praise God!

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