Macedonia Tent Mission

imageAt the end of June running into early July I joined a number of other evangelists to host a Tent Mission in Stip in Macedonia. We comprised a team made up of people from Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Macedonia, Sweden, the UK and the USA. All of us had come together with one purpose in mind; to share the Good News with the people of the eastern region of this country. During the mornings teams went out into the town to preach the Gospel and invite people to the meetings taking place in the tent during the rest of the day.

imageThe people of Stip were generally very open on the streets and we had many opportunities to share and pray for people. One man who had a very swollen face and seemed to be in a lot of pain walked away after receiving prayer with a smile on his face, much improved. Another guy who watched us pray for this gentleman declared that he would bring his wife for prayer that evening after seeing what had happened with this man. There was a children’s club at the tent in the afternoons and a Gospel healing meeting in the early evening with a youth time from 10pm onwards. imageEvery evening (10 nights) there were a least 10 people getting saved and others being healed in response to the preaching. Many people declared that they had been healed after receiving prayer. It was amazing to see what God could do bringing together such a diverse group of believers from so many nations. I look forward to seeing how we might work together in the future.

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