First Trip to Switzerland 

Kim and I recently returned from our first trip to Switzerland which was a really special ten days. We were initially invited by evangelist François Lehmann to speak at his Fire Conference which drew people from all over the French speaking part of the nation. It was a great privilege to minister to this group of evangelists and pastors and to hear what God is doing through them.

The Fire Conference

The trip was expanded to enable us to minister in a number of churches, at an evangelistic event and to a group of business people. Everywhere we went I felt God encouraging me to inspire the believers to lift up their eyes and see that Switzerland is white for harvest. This was borne out as people were saved and healed.

Resturant owner and daughter

Throughout the trip the presence of the Holy Spirit was really evident and people constantly commented on it. On the last day during lunch in a traditional fondue restaurant high up in the Alps, the owner noticed something different about our group and commented that she thought that I had really sparkly eyes. I explained that the eyes are the windows of the soul and what she was seeing was something of my soul which had been transformed by God. This lead to an opportunity to pray with her at our table in the crowded restaurant. 


François Lehmann

As we prayed she experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit so powerfully that she asked us if we would pray for her daughter. A woman in her late twenties was ushered to our table and as we prayed with her God gave me a word of knowledge after which she became quite tearful as He ministered to her.

We are looking forward to returning to Switzerland in June to minister at a tent mission with François in the Vallée de Joux.

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2 Responses to First Trip to Switzerland 

  1. Mark Reilly says:

    This is so encouraging. Thank you Tim and Kim.

  2. Lisa Rudge says:

    Just catching up. Love the unplanned (yet God planned!), encounter in the Restaurant.

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