Tent Festival Swizerland

What a great privilege it was to minister again with François Lehmann of Jour De Joie Switzerland. This time he had set up his 500 seat inflatable tent in the Valle de Jour working with churches of many different denotations.
 The tent was designed by François and he had it built in China. What an attractive, light, warm and airy structure it is, ideal for events like this. The event was partly outreach and partly conference. Thursday evening saw Jean-luc Tracsel minister powerfully to those who were sick. Friday day evening was given over to the youth and those young of heart with great testimonies, music and a clear gospel message to which a number responded.

Saturday morning was aimed at the children with lots of fun activities. In the afternoon there was teaching on being whole in body, mind and spirit. Many experienced the power of God setting them free of physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

In the event there was a great testimony from Jacqueline Fresard about being set free from occult activity and living the abundant life. Many people responded to the message to be set free from the effects of the occult in their lives.

On Sunday morning all the churches came together for a celebration to worship God and give Him all the glory.

I ministered again on living out the plan that God has for your life. Quite a number of people responded to the invitation to invite Jesus to be their Lord and friend. As Jesus commanded us we followed by ministering to all those who were oppressed by the devil in various ways.

What a great weekend it was encouraging the local churches and presenting the good news in the Valle de Jour. I’m sure many lives were changed for eternity.

What kindness the Swiss believers showed me. It was great to see believers from very different backgrounds working together to bless their community. Praise God!

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