Autumn 2016

The last few months have again been a different time for us. Kim’s treatment has continued with injections every four weeks and these still have some unpleasant side effects for a few days. Kim’s energy levels are improving though and she is starting to take on some of her normal roles again. It’s still difficult to plan things as hospital appointments generally come at short notice and a couple of times I have planned to travel and then at the last-minute flights have needed to be changed to accommodate these. Even this week Kim was due a scan which had been booked three months ago for a hospital in Central London; hotels were booked, trains were sorted and her other treatment was scheduled around the scan as her body had to be clear of drugs, an appointment was booked to see the Professor after the scan to review the results. Then the day before the procedure we got a call to tell us that the hospital did not have the isotope needed for the scan and so the appointment had to be changed. This resulted in only two days’ delay but impacted other plans. Praise God that even though most hotels were fully booked because of the impending train strikes we managed to find a room near to the hospital.
Bulgaria Trip

At the beginning of October I was able to make a trip to Bulgaria to arrange our 2017 mission school with Sofia the Bulgarian evangelist whom I’ve worked with for the last four years. This involves training and encouraging evangelists from Eastern Europe. I also spent some very fruitful times with various pastors. Things have been challenging for the churches as increasing numbers of their young people are moving abroad tempted by the promise of high wages and a better quality of life. Three of the pastors’ wives in the Plovdiv area are, like Kim, experiencing some serious health challenges and being able to talk with them from a similar place has been very encouraging.

img_0056The church that was meeting in a forty-foot shipping container has stepped out in faith and bought a piece of land and started to construct their own building. The footings have been dug and the foundations were laid by members of the church and they were in faith in God for the money to lay the floor slab. I was able to help them due to the generous gift from The Well of Life which hopefully will bring the walls up some way as well. Since returning home the church came together and laid the floor slab but then the snow came and this has slowed progress.

img_0057-1While at the church in Shuman we experienced a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I was due to speak after we had taken communion but the presence of God was so powerful that I felt I should encourage the people to reach out to God to meet their physical needs as they partook of the bread and wine. The lady who was serving communion was overcome by the Spirit and the tray with the bread and wine flew across the room as she collapsed in His Prescence in laughter. Others all around the room including me started to experience a similar manifestation and I was reminded of the Scripture that ‘laughter is a good medicine’ (Prov 17:22). Eventually I recovered enough to bring the word that God had given me on lifting your eyes to see what God is doing around you every day. Just that morning Martin Wade who was traveling with me and myself had the opportunity to pray with a lady at the hotel restaurant. She had seemed a little low in spirit to me and I felt God encouraging me to offer to pray with her. I told her how I felt God was leading me and she told us how she was feeling really unwell and would love us to pray that she would recover quickly so there in the restaurant Martin and I prayed with her. We had to leave directly after so we don’t know the result of our prayers but felt we carried out what had been asked of us.

Living without a safety net
img_3728Returning to England and the initial copies of my first book arrived; another vision fulfilled! How amazing it is to hold in your hands something you thought was beyond your ability. Five years ago, when God first spoke to me about writing a book I felt overwhelmed by the thought and found it difficult to believe that even if I wrote it that it would ever get published. However once completed we had a number of companies wanting to sign us up to have the publishing rights. Now it is available in paperback and on Kindle and most other digital readers and will soon be available through Amazon. As you read this report, it is also being translated into Bulgarian and a Bulgarian publisher is in place. We expect it to be published by September and Bulgarian Christian television have already promised to publicise it for us on their satellite channel. In addition to this we are negotiating translation into Serbian and Croatian and plan to have French and Russian copies as well. Praise God! When He tells you to do something He is more than able to equip you to fulfil the task.

img_2338Over the last year I have started to mentor a number of evangelists from around Europe all of whom have felt out there on their own and needing fellowship. Once again this is the beginning of the fulfilment of a word that God gave me some years back. Each of these evangelists are experiencing significant spiritual attack and need the support of the church. Sadly, some have been pushed out to the peripheral of the church having been told their gift is for outside the church. What a shame that the body is being denied their gift which is meant to function both in and out of the church. Eph 4 tells us that they are a ministry gift to the church to ‘equip the saints for the work of service’. No wonder churches have become inward looking and fail to see that actually the fields are white for harvest. Let’s give them space to equip the church and the friendship they need. If you know an evangelist, befriend them, encourage them and learn from them so that together we will fulfil the Great Commission.

img_3765-1November took me to Switzerland where I planned to stay for a few days with one of my mentees and we were able to spend some quality time together. In addition to this he had planned for me to minister in a number of churches. We saw God move in power in each of these meetings with healings taking place. There were also significant reports of healing that had taken place during my last trip there. One afternoon I was privileged to minister at a Bible school in the Alps on living the naturally supernatural life style. The students were really encouraged and were thirsty for more of the Holy Spirit to flow in them and through them. Out of this I have been invited to speak at Bible schools in Togo and Burkina Faso in November of this year with François my Swiss evangelist friend. It’s amazing how God continues to open doors.

CLF Church Greenwich
At the beginning of December I was ministering at CLF church in Greenwich. This is a large church in the centre of London which is mainly made up of black brothers and sisters with a Ghanaian heritage but it is not your traditional black church. These guys are on fire for God and have a deep love for God’s Word and applying it in their lives. I had been asked to minister on God’s healing power and evangelism so I could not have been happier to oblige! What a time it was with many people responding to words of knowledge for healing resulting in me being invited back to run a healing school and to speak at their national conference at Swanwick in August this year.

2017 is shaping up to be a great year with doors opening all over. July will see us working with Tent 100 in Belgium under the canopy of our three thousand seater tent.

Thank you for all your prayers and support over the last year for Kim and myself. We have really known you lifting us up and supporting us. We pray that 2017 will be a blessed year for you and your families and that together we will see Father open new and exciting adventures for us all in His Kingdom.

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4 Responses to Autumn 2016

  1. Thom Raller says:

    Hey Tim, it’s always good to hear of your exploits. I miss being able to catch up the way we used to when we gathered regularly. Blessingsuponya! Thom

  2. lifeinhope says:

    Bless you both! It’s great to hear your news!

  3. Nina Johnson. says:

    Wonderful news Tim, God is always doing such great things, opening new doors too & new opportunities & places to minister. So pleased your book is being translated into so many languages !! We will be wanting some copies in Bulgarian when the time comes. Our love & prayers for Kim as well as for you. Good news about that church starting to build their building, may God prosper them, as they advance in faith. Blessings.

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