Summer 2018 News

norway.jpgSpearhead Summer News

So far this year has not been without its challenges. Having loaded two of our containers ready to go to Bulgaria we discovered that their shipping plates had at sometime been removed which meant it was not possible to transport them. We were told that it’s almost impossible to have these plates replaced. However, with a little detective work, a lot of prayer and several phone calls they were finally replaced just two days before the containers were due to be picked up. It was at this point our shipping company phoned to tell us that they were unable to pick them up in time to meet the ship that was taking them to Bulgaria. They would now arrive in the Balkans a week after the missions were meant to have taken place. Over the next couple of days I exhausted every other means of getting them there and had to accept that we were not going to be hosting Tent Events in Bulgaria this year. This was the first time that we have ever had to let churches down in all the years we have been ministering, a real low point for me. Not willing to accept defeat we agreed that one mission would be postponed and moved into a building laterdonate 2 in the year. The team for the sister mission was still keen to go ahead so we travelled to serve churches around Bulgaria speaking at a conference, running children’s ministry, ministering in churches and even baptising some new believers in the river one afternoon, see more in Elaine’s report below. During this season I continue to minister in churches of all backgrounds and at conferences both in England and abroad.

Elaine’s Report

baptisamsI went to Bulgaria with an open mind and Spirit and I wasn’t disappointed. We were blessed with good weather, which always helps, and the food and accommodation exceeded my expectations. However the best part of the trip was the wonderful people I met. Everyone was so friendly and so open to what God had to impart through us. We saw people released in tongues, healed and baptised. Tim was gracious and encouraging, giving me lots of opportunities to minister and on one or two occasions challenged me to be brave and trust God and I am glad he did. I was able to see for myself the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives. It was a privilege to join Tim on the trip and I hope to return. There is much need in Bulgaria and there are many wonderful churches eager to receive from God. I would thoroughly recommend joining Spearhead on a mission trip.

Norway Camp Meetings

What a privilege it was to be asked to minister at “Heaven Partners Camp Meetings” in Arabygdvegen Telemark Norway. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and countryside. The people were hungry for spiritual things, very appreciative and encouraging. I was ministering alongside Inge Roysland an evangelist from Norway and Richard Albertsson a pastor from Sweden. I had been asked to speak at four sessions but norway 2ended up doing five during the week and taught on what it means to be ‘naturally supernatural’, continually filled with the Holy Spirit and to move in faith. By the end of the week people were moving in the power gifts with increasing confidence and ministering to those with physical and emotional needs.

Personal and Planning News

Kim’s third round of treatment had to be postponed by a month which meant we were able to spend some time together with her feeling almost normal! When we did eventually go into hospital the news was all good and it seems the treatment is having far better results than we had been lead to believe were possible.  Our confession for a miracle is that her body will be a cancer free zone. Watch this space!
In October I will be meeting with a group of evangelists from around Europe for a “Europe will be saved” round table to pray, plan and strategize on how we can see this vision fulfilled. What a great honor it will be to be part of this group.
We are planning a couple of the largest events we have ever done; one will take place in a Roman amphitheatre in Plovdiv, the European Capital Of Culture 2019  and the secondimg_0102-2 will be in our 3,000 seater tent in Brussels in partnership with “Tent 100”. Both will be in the spring of 2019. The Brussels event is particularly significant as it was there in 1975 that God called me to be an evangelist. How things have come full circle!

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