April 2019 News

This year things have been getting back to some level of normality. Kim’s treatment has had much better results than was expected with the cancer virtually disappearing altogether and her blood markers back to normal levels. She has now stopped all her medication except one monthly injection which has also been reduced in dosage.

Kim has ministered at a number of ladies breakfasts and has been sharing her experiences of the last three years. We have also been ministering together in churches around the country and have run our first “School of Faith” with a church in Haslemere Surrey. This was well received by the church and we had very good feed back. If you would like us to come to your church to teach these Biblical principles please register your interest by clicking Kim’s photo.

I have also travelled into Eastern Europe a couple of times. Firstly to Belarus with Charles Ashby where we ministered at a conference entitled “Time for Miracles”. There were people attending from all around the former Soviet Union and it was a great opportunity to teach, encourage and share some of our personal experiences of healings and miracles.

The second trip was to Bulgaria with Martin Wade where we ministered in a number of churches and taught at two small leaders conferences alongside a missionary friend Craig Sibthorpe. Both events were focused on receiving and moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each conference finished with a time of activation where we prayed for and released those attending into the gifts of the Spirit. Many received and put into practice gifts for the first time. Praise God!

img_2472While in Bulgaria the opportunity arose to meet with a bishop in Belgrade in Serbia (a 684 mile round trip in my twenty year old Volvo!) to discuss holding several tent festivals in southern Serbia where there are very few churches. We agreed to begin by hosting a conference on evangelism to be followed by a mission school and tent festivals. This will hopefully culminate in planting some new churches throughout the region.


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