Mission Trip To Ghana

B68199DE-619D-4D2F-9545-2876C57C6827I recently returned from my first trip to Ghana. I was met at the airport by three lovely brothers and spent my first night in Accra at the home of one of them. The following morning we travelled to Swedru a three hour journey on African roads. We picked up a friend Martyn Reay on the way and on arrival were booked into a comfortable hotel. The climate outside was akin to sitting in a sauna as the rainy season had just begun!

Every evening I ministered the Word at outreach meetings which were held in the church building with up to a dozen people responding to the Gospel each night. On the final evening I felt led to pray for people to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and most of the people came forward to receive. After they had been filled I prayed for and activated those who wished to move in the gift of the Word of Knowledge. A number of them received words for people and ministered to the sick with a variety of healings evident.

One day we visited the Mahodwo market where there didn’t appear to be many people or market traders present but we gave out invitations to the evening meetings and those that we met were happy to talk with the ‘white men’ resulting in some great conversations. I was invited to preach the Gospel message and made an appeal. To my surprise people started to come out of their houses and around a dozen people gave their lives to Jesus. I followed up by giving some Words of Knowledge and again people appeared and came and sat while we ministered to them resulting in a number declaring that their symptoms had disappeared.

0861ADDF-FEA7-429C-A3A0-729D459DAD96The following day I met with the local Christian Life Fellowship leaders and Pastors. I encouraged them from the Word following up with a question and answer session. I was well received and some incisive questions were asked and discussed, the outcome of which everybody found very helpful.

On the Saturday morning I spoke at a marriage seminar and taught on how to enrich your marriage and the importance of giving time to your partner and having Jesus at the centre of your relationship. We examined some practical ways to help maintain unity in our marriages and discussed the power that can be released through agreement between a couple. We also studied the money, communication, sex triangle and how if one area is not functioning properly it can affect the other two. Some searching questions were addressed covering diverse topics.

On Sunday morning I preached in Swedru on the importance of being filled with the Spirit and we ministered to a number of people. A prophetic anointing was present and the pastor and Martyn   moved in the prophetic gift. After the meeting we shared words of encouragement and wisdom with the pastors and local leaders before returning to Accra where I ministered to a vibrant church of mostly young people. I encouraged them to be men and women of the Spirit and to listen and do whatever He commands them.
During the last day I was treated to a tour of Accra with lunch and ice cream – lovely!

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