Update on our relocation to Merseyside

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their prayers. Things are progressing!
We made a trip to Liverpool at the end of October which helped us to see the next steps before us. We found the area of Merseyside where we are meant to be living and a house which we can move into in February 2020. This is a little later than we had initially hoped for but are confident that it is the place we are meant to be despite comments from local people that it is a ‘rough area’. We believe that we have a message of hope and will be light in a place that has been dominated by darkness.

Previously we met a guy who we felt was a ‘man of peace’ and he continues to open doors for us. During this recent trip he invited us to a prayer meeting for leaders in the city held in the Panoramic 34 restaurant on the thirty fourth floor of the West Tower in the centre. This impressive vantage point was the venue for an inspirational evening which included praying for and hearing about many of the things God is doing in the city. Amazing views of the city!

We were also privileged to be invited to a pastors meeting and launch event for a major outreach in the city by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, which will take place next June. This invitation came through the son of a lady who was in our youth group some forty years ago! He now heads up the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in the UK. We first met him at an event for evangelists during a previous visit and although we had not seen his mother in over thirty five years we immediately recognised the family likeness. It is amazing how God makes the connections.

We attended Toxteth Tabernacle for a Sunday morning meeting. The ‘Tab’ is one of the churches we are seeking Father’s guidance over where He is adding us. Once again our man of peace opened a door for us. Dropping into the church unannounced and talking with him before the service he asked us to share and minister to the congregation.

Another contact has put us in touch with his friend who is in the removal business and has promised us a good deal on moving our goods and chattels to Liverpool. God is so faithful in dealing with the spiritual and the practical details! Many people have commented that we must be feeling anxious and stressed about moving after thirty five years of living in the same house. Truthfully, we identify with Jesus asleep in the boat during the storm; confident that God is in control.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to step into everything He has for us in this new adventure;

That we will quickly find the church family God is adding us to

That it will become clearer what we are being called to be involved with in Merseyside

That we will find someone to rent our house in Bordon on a long term basis

That our preparations towards moving will continue to go smoothly

That the move will go ahead in February as planned

Thank you for your continued interest and support, we appreciate it!

Check out Kim’s and my new website http://www.tkministries.org


Tim and Kim

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2 Responses to Update on our relocation to Merseyside

  1. Doug Croucher says:

    Hi Tim

    Good to hear that you are well and pressing on.

    Praying blessing on you and Kim as you make the move to Liverpool.



  2. Ann Davis says:

    With you step by step.
    God’s blessing on you.
    Ann & Mike

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