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The School of Faith

Tim and Kim have lived an outstanding life of faith for the last forty years together. If you know them you will have heard some of their amazing stories and appreciate that they teach Biblical principles that are brought to life by their real life experiences.

In these times where everything that can be shaken is being shaken it is more important than ever that our churches are filled with people who are genuinely living by faith.

This year Tim and Kim plan to travel the country teaching their empowering ‘School of Faith’. If you would like to host them in your church please click the link below for more information and to register your interest.

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April 2019 News

This year things have been getting back to some level of normality. Kim’s treatment has had much better results than was expected with the cancer virtually disappearing altogether and her blood markers back to normal levels. She has now stopped all her medication except one monthly injection which has also been reduced in dosage.

Kim has ministered at a number of ladies breakfasts and has been sharing her experiences of the last three years. We have also been ministering together in churches around the country and have run our first “School of Faith” with a church in Haslemere Surrey. This was well received by the church and we had very good feed back. If you would like us to come to your church to teach these Biblical principles please register your interest by clicking Kim’s photo.

I have also travelled into Eastern Europe a couple of times. Firstly to Belarus with Charles Ashby where we ministered at a conference entitled “Time for Miracles”. There were people attending from all around the former Soviet Union and it was a great opportunity to teach, encourage and share some of our personal experiences of healings and miracles.

The second trip was to Bulgaria with Martin Wade where we ministered in a number of churches and taught at two small leaders conferences alongside a missionary friend Craig Sibthorpe. Both events were focused on receiving and moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each conference finished with a time of activation where we prayed for and released those attending into the gifts of the Spirit. Many received and put into practice gifts for the first time. Praise God!

img_2472While in Bulgaria the opportunity arose to meet with a bishop in Belgrade in Serbia (a 684 mile round trip in my twenty year old Volvo!) to discuss holding several tent festivals in southern Serbia where there are very few churches. We agreed to begin by hosting a conference on evangelism to be followed by a mission school and tent festivals. This will hopefully culminate in planting some new churches throughout the region.


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Summer 2018 News

norway.jpgSpearhead Summer News

So far this year has not been without its challenges. Having loaded two of our containers ready to go to Bulgaria we discovered that their shipping plates had at sometime been removed which meant it was not possible to transport them. We were told that it’s almost impossible to have these plates replaced. However, with a little detective work, a lot of prayer and several phone calls they were finally replaced just two days before the containers were due to be picked up. It was at this point our shipping company phoned to tell us that they were unable to pick them up in time to meet the ship that was taking them to Bulgaria. They would now arrive in the Balkans a week after the missions were meant to have taken place. Over the next couple of days I exhausted every other means of getting them there and had to accept that we were not going to be hosting Tent Events in Bulgaria this year. This was the first time that we have ever had to let churches down in all the years we have been ministering, a real low point for me. Not willing to accept defeat we agreed that one mission would be postponed and moved into a building laterdonate 2 in the year. The team for the sister mission was still keen to go ahead so we travelled to serve churches around Bulgaria speaking at a conference, running children’s ministry, ministering in churches and even baptising some new believers in the river one afternoon, see more in Elaine’s report below. During this season I continue to minister in churches of all backgrounds and at conferences both in England and abroad.

Elaine’s Report

baptisamsI went to Bulgaria with an open mind and Spirit and I wasn’t disappointed. We were blessed with good weather, which always helps, and the food and accommodation exceeded my expectations. However the best part of the trip was the wonderful people I met. Everyone was so friendly and so open to what God had to impart through us. We saw people released in tongues, healed and baptised. Tim was gracious and encouraging, giving me lots of opportunities to minister and on one or two occasions challenged me to be brave and trust God and I am glad he did. I was able to see for myself the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives. It was a privilege to join Tim on the trip and I hope to return. There is much need in Bulgaria and there are many wonderful churches eager to receive from God. I would thoroughly recommend joining Spearhead on a mission trip.

Norway Camp Meetings

What a privilege it was to be asked to minister at “Heaven Partners Camp Meetings” in Arabygdvegen Telemark Norway. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and countryside. The people were hungry for spiritual things, very appreciative and encouraging. I was ministering alongside Inge Roysland an evangelist from Norway and Richard Albertsson a pastor from Sweden. I had been asked to speak at four sessions but norway 2ended up doing five during the week and taught on what it means to be ‘naturally supernatural’, continually filled with the Holy Spirit and to move in faith. By the end of the week people were moving in the power gifts with increasing confidence and ministering to those with physical and emotional needs.

Personal and Planning News

Kim’s third round of treatment had to be postponed by a month which meant we were able to spend some time together with her feeling almost normal! When we did eventually go into hospital the news was all good and it seems the treatment is having far better results than we had been lead to believe were possible.  Our confession for a miracle is that her body will be a cancer free zone. Watch this space!
In October I will be meeting with a group of evangelists from around Europe for a “Europe will be saved” round table to pray, plan and strategize on how we can see this vision fulfilled. What a great honor it will be to be part of this group.
We are planning a couple of the largest events we have ever done; one will take place in a Roman amphitheatre in Plovdiv, the European Capital Of Culture 2019  and the secondimg_0102-2 will be in our 3,000 seater tent in Brussels in partnership with “Tent 100”. Both will be in the spring of 2019. The Brussels event is particularly significant as it was there in 1975 that God called me to be an evangelist. How things have come full circle!

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Join a Summer Mission Team

It’s not to late to join a summer mission team. For more info go to

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Weekend in Germany

img_0733-3It was a great pleasure to travel to Bremen in Germany with Peter Nickolas where I was to minister, with Peter translating to a group of Bulgarian churches. It was a bit surreal eating Bulgarian food and ministering in Bulgarian while being in Germany.

There was a real sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence from the word go. The first night we attended the church prayer meeting and ended up ministering to a few sick people. One was a lady who had a problem with her bones twisting. Twenty years ago she had had an operation to put rods in both her arms and legs to help keep them straight. This had left her with no feeling in her legs and she was unable to walk without crutches. After we ministered to her the feeling came back and she started to walk without the crutches. The next day, at the conference, she testified to God’s healing power, as did several others who were ministered to the evening before. This led into another time of ministry and more testimonies.

img_0707-2That evening, at a small Bulgarian church in Diepholz, I taught on being a disciple and discipling others. There was a real prophetic outpouring at the end of the meeting which encouraged and blessed us all.

Sunday afternoon four Bulgarian churches came together in Wildeshausen, with about three hundred and fifty attending. From the beginning of the meeting there was a great sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and I ministered on moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. There were more healings and more testimonies. img_0722.jpgAt the end of the meeting I made an appeal and sixteen people came forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Over half of those were men which is quite unusual as Bulgarian men can be quite reserved like English men. What a blessing it was to minister God’s word, with signs following just as our Lord promised us. img_0102Praise God for what He has started in these churches in Germany please continue to pray for them and us. We are able to support churches around the world in many ways because of  the generous support of our partners.

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Exciting Times

The Dawning of a New Season for Spearhead

We are expecting great things from God and are preparing to do great things for God
The dawning of the new year was the beginning of a new season for us at Spearhead. This year we will become a charity in our own right which will enable us to step into everything God has for us in this exciting new season. We are expecting great things from God and we are preparing to do great things for God. The year ahead will see us take our 1500 seat tent to Bulgaria for two missions, one in Sofia and one in Plovdiv. If you would like more information on either of these or would like to join the team, Click here. We are also starting to plan one of the largest events we have ever done which will take place in the European Capital Of Culture in spring 2019.
At home we will continue to support many churches around the United Kingdom and plan to run another Healing School. There is also a Mission School in the pipeline for those with a passion to reach the lost.
We will also be supporting mission schools throughout Europe to equip evangelists to go into the harvest fields of this great continent; “Europe Shall Be Saved”.
Doors continue to open and we have trips planned to minister in Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway and Holland this coming year.
If you would like to be part of what we are doing or would like more information on how you can support our work please don’t hesitate to contact us by “Clicking Here

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