Another way we seek to equip believers is to encourage them to join one of our short term teams working with churches around the world. As part of a team you will receive first hand experience working alongside experienced evangelists. This will encourage your faith and transform your life.  The short term teams are normally attached to a festival that lasts one or two weeks.

By joining Spearhead Ministries working with churches we are serving around the world you will be supporting the work of the national leaders. Everywhere we are involved we are seeking to promote church models that are Biblically based and looking to present everybody complete in Christ. In many countries where we are involved we are not only looking to meet the spiritual needs but are also supporting the ongoing relief and development work taking place. By joining one or more of our short term mission teams you will have a great opportunity to further resource and encourage these churches. The teams will get involved at all levels with the works they are going out to serve. You could find yourself encouraging a believer by sharing how you overcame some common problem through your relationship with Jesus or praying for God to intervene in some situation or maybe it will just be doing some practical task that you have the skills to accomplish. Whatever it is, you will find that coming on a short term mission team is challenging, life changing and rewarding. You will see your faith grow and you can be sure you will never be the same again! If you would like to know more about joining a team click here.

‘The people we sent on the Spearhead Ministries team have become an amazing resource to our church. They are so keen to repeat their experiences in our local community. I will be joining the team next year and hope to bring as many of my church with me as possible!’ N.F

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